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my body in skin

ephemeral selfhood or traces of identity In my body in skin, experience meets expression in a visceral installation that challenges the boundaries of identity and perception. This installation delves into the intricate relationship between our bodies and the protective layers we clothe them in. Through a series

silenced echoes

a multi-sensory sound sculpture installation In the realm of silenced echoes we explore the profound resonance of sound within the confines of this storied tower. This multi-sensory installation serves as a poignant reflection on the interplay between freedom and constraint, inviting visitors to contemplate the


a third ear to a silenced body d.e.a.f. initially started as a solo project where zeezout combined poetry, visuals and sounds to give the silenced body a voice. The concept grew out of a state of constricted consciousness, an empty vessel in which the (h)earing awareness