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Transfiguracje Trio

ACTUALITZAR EL TEXT I LINKS!!! The ensemble’s name telam comes from the latin, meaning web as in spider web. Due to their poor eyesight, spiders rely on web vibrations for situational awareness. We too will embrace our hearing sense to knit, intertwine, and mimic each others sounds

telam:: ensemble:.

telam::ensemble::. polish based (Wrocław) is born out of the nexus between the musicians and their eagerness to explore a sonic result through a physical approach.The ensemble’s name telam comes from the latin, meaning web as in spider web.Due to their poor eyesight, spiders rely on

Nemø ensemble

Nemø ensemble was founded in September 2017 and performs contemporary, experimental music. The collective aims to connect existing repertoire with new pieces by young artists that are not afraid of crossing boundaries between different genres and artistic disciplines. The group challenges the conventional concert format by

missa mater sola

an ode to the natural primal force of the protective, healing mother archetype full of unconditional love   Missa Mater Sola ('Mass about the lonely mother') is the second in the Missa triptych, after Missa Homo Sacer, and examines the relationship between the individual and the (singing)

disarming II

disarming II performance continues the disarming series with a performative improvisational setting involving a dancer, a flute player and a detached robotic arm. Throughout the 25 minute long performance, the detached industrial robotic arm ReBel continuously tries to learn how to move forward from the status

my body in skin

ephemeral selfhood or traces of identity In my body in skin, experience meets expression in a visceral installation that challenges the boundaries of identity and perception. This installation delves into the intricate relationship between our bodies and the protective layers we clothe them in. Through a series

silenced echoes

a multi-sensory sound sculpture installation In the realm of silenced echoes we explore the profound resonance of sound within the confines of this storied tower. This multi-sensory installation serves as a poignant reflection on the interplay between freedom and constraint, inviting visitors to contemplate the


a third ear to a silenced body d.e.a.f. initially started as a solo project where zeezout combined poetry, visuals and sounds to give the silenced body a voice. The concept grew out of a state of constricted consciousness, an empty vessel in which the (h)earing awareness