disarming II

disarming II performance continues the disarming series with a performative improvisational setting involving a dancer, a flute player and a detached robotic arm.

Throughout the 25 minute long performance, the detached industrial robotic arm ReBel continuously tries to learn how to move forward from the status quo in the human-robot-environment relationship based on stereophonic listening and torque feedback.

zoutezee a sound artist & flute player with a particular interest in multidisciplinary performances, acoustically contributes her experience in attuning with instruments, improvisation based on listening, and musical references on bodies navigating in space and vice versa.

Collaboratively, they shape a hierarchically balanced performance where all three largely rely on sound and movement as primary modalities while still bringing in their unique body knowledge.

Together, they create a performative improvisational moment, potentially allowing the emergence of relationships in flux of fluid cognition bodies dynamically spanning and fading across the termed entities.

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disarming - Emanuel Gollob – research, concept & production

is a performative exploration of the relation between detached robot arms, artificial environments, and human observers. A learning and unlearning of locomotions in post-anthropocentric environments and times. The work playfully explores the ambiguity of disarming as a process of physical detachment and emotional attachment.

location & date

Wro Art Center, Wrocław | 24.11.2023 (premiere)