silenced echoes

a multi-sensory sound sculpture installation

In the realm of profound silence, we explore the resonance within the confines of this storied tower. This multi-sensory installation serves as a reflection on the interplay between freedom and constraint, inviting visitors to contemplate the enduring echoes of muted voices.

At its core, silenced echoes embodies the essence of restraint and liberation, manifested through the deconstructed essence of bells within the tower. Crafted from diverse materials, each element carries a unique voice, weaving together a narrative that speaks to the complexities of human expression.

This installation emanates striking planks with a pulsating energy, a cascading reverberations through the space, evoking a symphony of discordant notes that mirror each other.

Adjacent to this focal point, a plywood plank conceals an internal speaker, emitting resonant tones that echo with urgency, inviting listeners to confront the voices silenced by societal constraints. Opposite, a metallic surface houses another speaker amplifying raw intensity, reflecting a spirit of independence amidst convention.

As visitors settle onto the bench, they become enveloped in the immersive soundscape, feeling vibrations resonate through their bodies. Embedded within these vibrations is a Morse code composition inspired by Halka—inviting participants to decipher a narrative that transcends the auditory realm.

Silenced echoes serves as a reminder of the power of expression, inviting contemplation of the intricate dance between silence and sound, restraint and liberation. Through the convergence of space and silence, this installation offers a profound exploration of the human experience, where muted echoes reverberate through memory, echoing the resilience of the human spirit.

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SURVIVAL 21-25.06.24 (open call winner)

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ESBLANK 4-31.10.24 (exhibition)