Transfiguracje Trio

In the vibrant cultural landscape of Wrocław, a new musical trio emerges, born from the serendipitous intersection of talent, passion, and shared ambition

Transfiguracje Trio, as they aptly name themselves, embodies the essence of
transformation, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the familiar is transmuted into something altogether new and captivating.

The genesis of Transfiguracje Trio lies in the collaborative spirit of three young musicians, who not only found themselves as colleagues in the esteemed NFM Philharmonic Orchestra in Wroclaw but also as kindred spirits with a fervent love for new music and an insatiable desire to share it with their community. It is within this shared vision that the trio embarks on a journey of sonic exploration, seeking to transfigure the traditional boundaries of chamber music repertoire into something innovative and evocative.

With a fusion of classical training, contemporary influences, and a touch of improvisational flair, Transfiguracje Trio breathes new life into familiar instrument sounds, infusing them with a sense of wonder and possibility. Their compositions serve as a canvas for sonic experimentation, where each note becomes a brushstroke in a larger tapestry of sound.

Indeed, Transfiguracje is more than just a name—it is a their first commission piece and original seed to start this project, hence the relevance of taking it in as their name and main characteristic trait. As they continue to push the boundaries of sonic exploration, Transfiguracje Trio serves as a beacon of innovation, inspiring audiences to embrace the transformative potential of sound and embark on their own journey of sonic discovery.

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Mar Sala Romagosa - flutes | Adrian Schmid - percussion instruments | Paweł Prucnal - double bass

location & date

Centrum na Przedmiésciu, Wrocław | 24.03.2024