telam:: ensemble:.

telam::ensemble::. polish based (Wrocław) is born out of the nexus between the musicians and their eagerness to explore a sonic result through a physical approach.

The ensemble’s name telam comes from the latin, meaning web as in spider web.

Due to their poor eyesight, spiders rely on web vibrations for situational awareness. We too will embrace our hearing sense to knit, intertwine, and mimic each others sounds to blend and as a result, a see- through texture is created.

A cross-disciplinary structure is formed by strengthening the link between the performers bodies and their sonic making. Thus a redefined performing language is stablished.

Like in a spider web, each web’s edge is as important, therefore equidistant. Creating a constant tension to attract and move freely. Growing in intensity, keeping a proportion as each frame get closer to the web’s core, or viceversa?

Confronting silence by uttering a sound is nothing but verifying one’s own existence. Toru Takemitsu – descrambling the texture.

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Klub Pod Kolumnami, Wrocław | 09.04.2024